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Only DRY NEEDLING Practioner in India Certified by DGSA Switzerland


At Physioplanet, you will get experienced therapy. Physioplanet aims at discovering the root causes of pains and injuries. Once the case is identified, manual therapy, exercise prescription, training and support is used as a long term solution to the problem. Read More…

Each plan here is custom made that meets the individual requirements and helps you to work actively. At Physioplanet –

  • The patient’s specific condition is accessed and the proper study and discussion is done to reach the proper history and to know about other things like when? where? what? how? etc
  • Full physical examination is performed after understanding the specific where abouts
  • On basis of the clinical diagnosis and full assessment, the physiotherapeutic treatment is initiated

About Dr. Sahil Behl

Dr. Sahil is an efficient and dynamic physiotherapist. He has an extensive knowledge on the subject and has experience in both public as well as private sector.

He has also been a consulting physiotherapist and also involved in teaching students

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Focused on being a partner of choice to other Healthcare Providers for their physio requirements.

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Arti Mahajan
Arti Mahajan
16:44 31 Jul 17
Physio Planet is a right place to recover fully and resume a fit life. Dr Anuja and Dr Sahil are most accomplished professionals. With their amiable disposition they build up confidence in their patients and with their expertise they relieve them of pain. I had a clavicle fracture and thus a frozen shoulder. With their persistent efforts and great patience my shoulder has totally recovered with all ranges normal. I highly recommend them for their knowledge is up to the mark and for their praiseworthy devotion. I wish them great success. God Bless!
Amod Sinha
Amod Sinha
08:53 19 Sep 17
Just wanted to say Thanks for over all happiness you have given me. You already know the level of pain I was having and finally after following your instructions and spending few days on the same, now I am fine and feel happy to see my back pain. Thanks again, will call you soon.
nasadiya singh
nasadiya singh
13:32 15 Sep 17
Physio Planet is a great place to cure your pain. I had a postural problem due to long hours of studying but coming here has totally solved my problem. I recommend everybody facing the same problem to come here . It's indeed a wonderful place.
Bhavya Palta
Bhavya Palta
06:38 15 Jul 17
I highly recommend Physio Planet as it has helped me cure my back ache to the fullest! I was in extreme pain for 3 years. Other doctors were not able to diagnose my problem at all. I too was in a psychological stress. But when I came to Physio Planet, one week back, they not only diagnosed my problem but also treated me in a very good manner. The best part of them is that they are very friendly too! Now I'm feeling really good in 7 days!😇
Yogesh Bajaj
Yogesh Bajaj
11:31 21 Sep 17
Dr. Sahil and Dr. Anuja are highly knowledgeable and proficient professionals. They treated me for my tennis elbow problem. Their step by step treatment and daily physiotherapy sessions resulted in complete cure of what seemed like a never ending pain. The pain vanished and I was nursed back to being normal by the professional duo. I have been to many physiotherapists, but the Sense of satisfaction and feeling of confidence which I had on being treated by them was unparalleled.I wish them all the best and pray that they continue to bring a smile on the faces of their patients by alleviating their pain..
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